Two Neat Christmas Gifts . . .

I don’t look at it as being particularly “nice” – I just try to be less “naughty” – it’s a matter of perspective – haven’t had to get rid of any bodies this year. Yet.

My blushing bride hooked me up with a Covert Instruments American Lock 1100 series cut away – totally sweet – an absolute work of art . . .

How they manage to remove so much lock body and still retain functionality is incredible – an over the top tool and / or display piece – super nice!

And the Chicken Rancher blew me away with his gift . . .

A 13 month Hurst Boiler Company calendar – I have no idea how he managed to find it but I am thrilled – 2 of the 5 boilers I operate are older Hurst Boilers – a 300 hp and a 400 hp- so it borders on way too cool . . . If your curious – CLICK HERE and it will help you understand boiler horsepower . . .

Of course there was a lot of sharp and pointy gifts given and gotten – more on them at a later time . . .

Have Fun!- Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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