The “Thud” in Southeast Asia

A good read if you can find it is “Thud Ridge” – it’s still out there <<< CLICK HERE >>> – the book pretty much lays out the rotten fuck lbj was and what a rotten commie fuck mcnamara was . . . – like I said a good read – I still have a copy floating around here . . .

Designed with long range high speed nuclear weapon delivery in mind the F105 did the job of tactical conventional bombing quite well – the pilots performed superbly – the nickname “Thud”? That was in reference to the noise the aircraft made when it hit the ground after being shot down – air frame fatigue became quite an issue towards the end of their useful life – more than several were lost due to structural failures – they were simply not designed to take the pounding from low level high speed flight profiles again and again and again – over and over – Republic built one Hell of a beastie when they built the Thunderchief . . .

Let’s go downtown – shall we?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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