6:18 AM – there is no gravity . . .

It just sucks – Turned my phone on early (4 ish) Saturday – so if the chicken rancher wanted to do the road trip thing I could disavow him of that notion – my sinuses went sideways and then south at about 1 AM Thursday morning – struggled through the rest of the night and Thursday night/Friday morning – made it – feet up – crash and burn time . . .

Wrong – day guy off sick – the other day guy sick – the other night guy sick – Damn – I’m it and my sinuses are in the middle of their twice yearly protest – winter when the cold weather settles in and spring when the pollen cranks up – long story short had to go in today – up doing a “phone/text” baby sit thing right now (2 AM) – may end up in today – but wait there’s more – my normal shift cranks up at 6PM Sunday – so don’t look for a lot of posting for the next week or so – not saying my attitude at work could use some improvement . . .

I don’t have an attitude problem – the rest of these assholes have a perception problem!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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