Dead Man’s Curve / 1963 version and a little Extra Bonus!


From Jay Leno’s Garage – original un-restored 1963 Jaguar – Pure Lust . . .

And also from Jay Leno – file this under “Sweet Bearded Seven Pound Baby Jesus” – north of 3000 hours of labor – Just Wow!

The fifties and sixty’s – some incredible times for auto innovation and production – for you folks that lived through it – you “get” it – almost bought one, I believe a 1967 or 8 (?) but for once I looked before I leaped – what the Hell was I thinking? – normally jump head first into just about anything – my Blushing Bride and I don’t make enough NOW to properly maintain an old Jaguar – proper parts are way beyond nose bleed level – the one we looked at needed a front wheel bearing – it was 20% percent of the purchase price of the car – 1969 was the last of the “hand made” cars – you sent the VIN to England and the factory would pull the specs and BUILD you a wheel bearing to specs – didn’t take much to figure out why the car was a “good” deal – LOL!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!

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