Cold Steel Rajah II Quick Look

Cold Steel makes KNIVES – not knives – but KNIVES. They make several folders that are not just over the top but redefine OVER and TOP . . .

And yes the Rajah II does fit in your pocket . . .

At 8 1/2 inches deployed the Artisan Proponent is not a small knife by any stretch – the Rajah II is 8 1/4 inches – folded . . .

The Rajah II is just a fraction under 14 1/2 inches deployed . . .

Just a quick look for you folks – once it warms up I will get you some more pics of this and a couple of others in a “camping” setting – and no – there will be no “stupid” performed – batoning – or using a knife to split wood with is just simply knife abuse – use an ax or a hatchet – it’s what they are made for!

And not to criticize anyone – some people want to know what it takes to destroy something and others want to watch it being done – thus YouTube – I mean clicks equal views – views equal money – who am I to judge someone’s business model??

What’s in YOUR pocket??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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