Vault 7 – Is your belief system YOUR belief system??

A Danger Will Robinson WARNING – If YOU have any paranoid tendencies – don’t read any further . . .


Why Vault 7 matters. It’s not about collection of your information, instead it’s about control of your mind.

All the people writing about the intrusive nature of the NSA, and the collection of data through the cell-phones by back-door access has got it all wrong. It’s not about the collection of data. It’s about using your phone to control your mind.

All these “back doors” and secret embedded code within your electronics, your chips, and your cell-phones is not simply about collecting your personal information. That is the obvious purpose, but that is not the ultimate purpose.

The ultimate purpose is to enable the embedding of special algorithms and embedded code that allow the government to manipulate what you see, read and hear. These enormous (and hidden) embedded programs overlay instructions to your mind. They alter the selection of programs that you might want to use, they change the access and ease of access to websites. They alter the type, range and frequency of information on your feeds, and change what you would watch, see and listen to.

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How much of what you think, do, and say is actually what YOU think, do, or say?? Is YOUR belief system YOUR belief system or is it a programmed construct?

I have read several articles lately that claim up to 35% of the people in this country are wanting a nuclear exchange with Russia – or to put that another way – up to 35% of the people in this country need to be HEAVILY medicated and locked up for their own safety!

For the sake of argument – a nuclear device is detonated over a U.S. city – Would YOU know if that was a Russian weapon? Or an American weapon? Just asking . . . And just exactly whom would you rely upon to disseminate the facts to YOU?

The media has been lying to you non-stop for decades – doubling down for the past 6 years or so – the best suggestion I can give YOU? – turn the TV off and unplug it . . . And don’t even get me started about “smart” phones and other such “smart things” – we are all pretty much fucked – just saying . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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