BUFF ( B-52 ) Crosswind Capability

SAC base runways – like most others – were aligned so take offs and landings could be done into the average or normal prevailing winds. The big difference with SAC was the simple fact that regardless how much cross wind is occurring at a given moment – the aircraft ARE launching – the BUFF had a small for the size of the aircraft rudder – it was to utilize a live vertical stabilizer but the technology and the the ability to implement in something that big didn’t really exist at the time – which gives relatively poor cross wind performance. Boeing came up with the idea of changing the angle of the landing gear as a work around – crosswind 15 degrees to the right? just crank 15 degrees off set into the main gear and away you go.

Here’s a couple of clips for you folks to look at . . .



When the balloon goes up – When it’s KLAXON – KLAXON – KLAXON TIME – the BUFFS ARE GOING . . . ( at about 1:45 with the first BUFF up you get a look at some “crab” – the rest not so much )

And speaking of balloons going up – I just couldn’t help myself on this one . . .

And of course . . .

A long long time ago – in a galaxy far far away – when my Blushing Bride and I did karoke regularly there was a girl – Judy or Julie ?? – don’t remember now – she sang 99 Luftballons in German – and it was spot on – good times – I admit just watching alcohol powered karoke was entertaining in and of itself . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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