Lena Miculek Teaches Heather Lynch how to Suck Less

Good stuff from Lena – Pay Attention and you might learn something . . .

Of course YOU are welcome to use this shooting “correction” chart . . .

The number one issue people have is they squeeze the gun when they pull the trigger. The trigger pull cannot effect your grip on the gun or it will negatively impact your aim – right handed people tend to shoot low left and left handed people tend to shoot low right simply because their grip on the gun increases when they pull the trigger – with a laser on a pistol it is relatively easy to overcome this with Practice. Make absolutely certain there is no ammo anywhere in the room – then check for no ammo in the room again – then check for no ammo in the room again – then check your pistol for empty – then check it again – then check it again ( GET THE IDEA? ) Then take a sharpie and put a black dot on a piece of printer paper – 1/2 inch will do – tape the paper on the wall – then put the laser dot on the black dot and dry fire the pistol – the dot’s should not “part company” – what most people realize very quickly is the laser moves off of the target “dot” when they are pulling the trigger – with enough Practice you will be able to NOT move you thumb – middle finger – ring finger – or little finger’s position on your gun when you pull the trigger – it’s just that simple AND it’s just that hard . . .

It will take awhile because you are “over writing” a lifetime of reflex or muscle memory reaction of making a fist – when you pull your index finger against the trigger you are making a completed fist and your reflex action is to tighten your whole hand up.

Remember – Practice! – Practice! – Practice! – then Practice some more!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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