Hmmmm . . .

The 18-year-old had about $8k in guns, ammo, and gear. He had planning, a high priced iPhone, and a costly truck (that was grandma’s). Uvalde is close to the border and is a major traffic route for the illegals. The school was left open after the shooting started – but the police couldn’t or wouldn’t go in – which is strange – the school guard not on site when the attack started. Also the Police Chief – ( Beat offs Buddy ) stopped them from entering, was found to be a Beto Beat off O’Rourke supporter – Surprise Surprise . . .

Several possibilities: 1) the cartels or the fbi or both helped supply and plan this with the shooter, 2)the Dems communists were involved, or 3)both.

But the news said / I seen “it” on the news . . .

Folks – YOU need to get one thing straight in YOUR head – NO ONE is coming to save YOU – YOU are on your own . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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