When in the course of Human Events . . .

A little video from Colion Noir – pay attention folks – good stuff here . . .

You do understand the “why” of gun confiscation – don’t you?? The democrats commie fuck cock suckers ( FIFY! ) cannot load an armed population into box cars to take them to the camps for re-education . . .

Let us look at this from another perspective – total numbers – ALL military / police world wide ( ours included ) total at best 14 million – if every one trades 1 for 1 – one American for one commie – this is assuming they can all be gotten over here and logistically supported – at least the local actors are known – ( talk about a target rich environment ) when the dust finally settles and the air quickly clears – and there is no man or woman left on the face of the planet earth capable of bearing arms against “We the People” and there are still 86 million American gun owners left – and probably pretty pissed by this point – THEN. THE. GAMES. BEGIN!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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