A Quick Tease – 2 Rough Ryders From Smoky Mountain

Way to many hours and days at “The Glorious People’s Tractor Factory” – barely have enough time to do bare essential shit – let alone posting stuff – all y’all gonna get at least your “Friday Drive In” and some Old Time Radio for Saturday but as far as other stuff – the last couple of weeks have been stupid – and this week and next week even much more stupider . . .

First an elephant toe with orange under lay and blue denim micarta – bought it because the blue / orange combo looked good in the pics – the pics don’t do it justice – nice stuff!

Here’s a link to it – full review is gonna be a while yet – time restraints . . .

Bought this one for the uniqueness of the pattern – not because it is one of their “reserve” knives – the pattern is what intrigues me with this one – Jump right to it here . . .

Just a quick look for all y’all – don’t have time for much else – head over to SMKW.COM and check them out – ordered these Thursday afternoon and they were here Monday – excellent delivery time . . .

You seen what I did there – right?

What’s in YOUR pocket?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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