SIEG HEIL! – SIEG HEIL! – SIEG HEIL! – and – Which LIE are WE supposed to Believe??

Substitute Jew for Donald Trump / Donald Trump supporters – damn if this speech didn’t come straight out of the 1930’s

Gotta love the memes . . .

We have listened to lies about the economy for over a year now – zero or minimal inflation – prices of consumer goods are fine – hell pick a lie – everything that has come out of their cocksuckers concerning the economy has been a lie – NOW we must pass a 4 trillion gazillion dollar inflation reduction act – so . . . Which lie do we believe – no inflation or we must pass the inflation reduction act?

We have listened for the past year or so about how (p)resident poopy pants child molester can’t do anything about the price of gas – how he has no way to affect it – it’s Putin’s fault – it’s Orange Man Bad’s fault – it’s the MAGA supporters fault – BUT – in no way shape fashion function or form is it the poopy pants child molester currently occupying and desecrating the office of the presidency’s fault because he has said time after time he can’t do anything about the price of gas . . . and surely (p)resident poopy pants child molester wouldn’t lie – would he?

The price of gas declines 15 or 20 cents a gallon and this oxygen thief is taking credit for that???? THE FUCK YOU SAY !! YO! – Dumb Ass – Either you can affect the price of gas – or you cannot – both cannot be true . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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