The American Dreadnaught – from 1968

A little dated – but pretty good stuff . . .

Nobody in their right mind – or even their left mind – wants to go toe to toe with a “battleship” with ANYTHING LESS THAN A BIG GUN SHIP – remember folks – they never traveled alone – they operated in what was called ( using modern acronyms ) a Battleship Battle Group [BBBG] – which to put it simply is a world of hurt showing up on your doorstep – and the Iowa class ships never went out to sea without a nuclear powered hunter / killer sub with it as well ( the subs were utilized for their ASW – they were just too damn noisy to be an effective ASW platform ) and when utilized with a carrier battle group ( CARGRU ) – OH MY . . .

The elephant in the room for “The Big Gun Ships” was the simple fact that the weapon system was designed for just one thing – to seek out – engage – and prevail against other “Big Gun Ships” -and make no mistake about about it – the entire ship was designed as a “system” – they were / are expensive to operate and even more so if you are trying to re-task them because there are no more battleships to fight . . .

But God help you if you were unfortunate enough to be within roughly 23 miles of one – you are having one bad day and chances are it will not end well . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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