6678kHz Pirate Radio Echo Charlie 6678 kHz

The title is what he labeled his YouTube video – so there it is – there always has been stuff on shortwave that “isn’t” there – there are several different web sites out here that list virtually every sanctioned broadcast – what is amazing is the amount of stuff that you can find that no one can “account” for – or what would be called “clandestine” broadcasting . . .

Pay particular attention at 5:34 in the video – in the U.K. it is illegal to listen to “Pirate Radio” transmissions – Really? Yes really – Why would a government make it illegal to listen to a non sanctioned ( not government approved ) broadcast?

Yes I know that is a rhetorical question . . .

I have been listening to short wave for 59 years – from stuff as simple as a portable with a 10 foot piece of wire run out the window to several hundred feet of wire strung through trees while camping to now where I think I have figured out how to get roughly 130 feet of wire strung up in a relatively small yard – should be an improvement over the 57 foot wire I have up now –If you are doing some listening and want to hear more?


Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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