Why Nothing EVER Changes . . .

Do YOU ever wonder WHY nothing ever changes?? At one point, some 30 years ago I wanted to build a Tesla coil -so I started reading about Tesla – the local library could get books from anywhere and everywhere ( college libraries etc. ) – and a lot of the books you could not even take out of the library – they had to be read there – about 5 months later I had read just about every book written that had Tesla’s name in it – fiction – non-fiction – tech journals that could be gotten through the “lending” program – you name it I had read it – since then I have grown weary of trying to get through to people the simple fact that we are being screwed over on a regular and on-going basis . . .

At least this guy has some semblance of credibility and perhaps will wake a few people up to what is and or could be happening – good and bad – the free power thing? That just scratches the surface of what Tesla was into – HINT: How about free instantaneous travel to not only where you want to go – but WHEN?? Who wins and who loses if THAT is possible??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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