Using the Grayline – SWL “Stuff”

Bruce – why can’t I hear XXXX on X.XXX at X P.M. – but I can hear it like a local station at X A.M.??

Remember what I said about Short Wave Listening being like real estate? Real estate is but 3 things when you get to the basics – location – location – location. Well SWL is but 3 things when you get to the basics – conditions – conditions – conditions.

Everything can be “right” – radio / antenna / noise makers off ( LED lights can really make a LOT of noise ) and seemingly like someone turned a switch you can’t hardly hear anything – or – just as quickly you are hearing stations that you never even knew were there.

Here are three videos tat will get you started on your path to understanding what is meant by the phrase “well that depends on conditions” when referencing SWL.

First is one from a guy named Tom – think of it as a primer . . .

And here is Dave – complete with his white board diagrams . . .

And one more from Dave and he is not using his white board – almost like finding an ELO video and Jeff Lynne is not wearing sunglasses . . . ( and there are 1 or maybe 3 out there )

If you to look at a Gray / Grey ( LOL ) Line map on the web <<< CLICK HERE >>> – pretty good map . . .

However – if your really starting to dive into this here is the software to put the map on your desk top <<< CLICK HERE >>> – for casual listening you really don’t need to worry about it – scroll through the bands and enjoy what you come across . . .

But – if you really want a challenge – try AM DXing during the “Grayline” times in your area – you would be amazed at just how far away a 500 or 1000 watt “Daylight Darling” can be heard as they fire up their mighty AM transmitter at what is now local sunrise for them and you are sitting a 1000 to 1500 west of them – and trust me when I say AM DXing can become an obsession – DON’T ASK !! Too many years ago to count there was a whole group of us kids that worked at DXing Caribbean stations from just above the AM broadcast band to WWV at 5.000 every morning as they eased into THEIR local sunrise – we called it taking a Caribbean Cruise – and it was a good time . . .

And the grayline is just one thing that can affect conditions – a line of thunderstorms or a strong front moving through an area can affect conditions – solar weather can produce significant impact on conditions as well . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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