All Y’all Ready for the Christmas Rush? & other “Stuff”

Folks – this post is kinda all over the place – I’m drifting in and out from the turkey and dressing – Enjoy!

Except for 2 or 3 gifts I’ve got mine all done – Got the last of the stocking stuffers wrapped today – I do not like wrapping itty-bitty little packages . . .

The bulk of the Christmas stuff? – from SMKW.COM of course – and Rough Ryder is another brand name that those folks have done right by . . .

And not to leave KnifeCenter.COM out of the mix – here’s David with a great selection of some really good knives at “budget prices” – in other words you can hook up your sharpy pointy friends with some very nice Santa stuff for not a whole lot of money . . .

I mean who wouldn’t want a $400 dollar ProTech or a $6000 dollar Marifone Custom – but let’s be reasonable shall we?

A look at a few on the back burner – top to bottom – all Hallicrafters – S-120 – SW-500 – SX-130 . . .

All are headed to the bench for new capacitors / re-alignment / any weak tubes replaced ( yes kids – real radios glow in the dark – LOL! ) – and good for another 30 to 50 years . . . Almost excited about getting the SX-130 going – Give my DX-160 a break!

I’m not quite as enthused as Eric is about the Eton 750 – but it is a real good radio – pricey – but good . . .

Folks – Hold on tight as I am going to tell you a deep dark secret – there is NO PERFECT – radio – or handgun – or pick-up truck – or knife – or stove – or car – or whatever – all of it is based on your perceptions of how a given product performs the task you are using it for – I have run the ETON 750 side by side with the DX-160 – I tend to get better signals with the DX-160 than I do with the the Eton 750 – BUT – is that simply a case of the difference in the way each radio is dealing with the same piece of long wire antenna – or if I used a different antenna would one radio work better over the other?? Or is it simply a case of being more used to manually tuning a radio as opposed to punching a number in a keypad?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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