Another one from the “Ronald Reagan Gonna Kill Us All!” Camp

From 1983 – I love this propaganda – the Soviet Union has enough warheads stockpiled that they “could” nuke every city of 2000 people or more – Oh Fuck Me! – let’s surrender now and beat the rush. Listen closely to what I am telling you – The U.S.S.R. did not have the means of delivery for all those warhead – in 1963 the U.S. would – and here is the key – deliver enough explosive force into the U.S.S.R. AND China in the first retaliatory strike to blow the entire surface crust off the planet – 2 1/2 times – Fuck Around and Find Out . . .

Love the narration when they show the combat crews in the command capsule for the silos – that terrible missile could be anywhere in 30 minutes – that’s right you fucking apparatchik – delivered in 30 minutes or less or your next one is FREE – LMAO!!

In 1963 a first retaliatory strike would subject every square foot of the land mass of the U.S.S.R. and China to – heat – blast – and radiation – high enough levels to kill everything – except cockroaches – them fuckers are going to outlive all of us . . .

And S.A.C. had the will and the means to continue the follow up strikes for thirty days – God Bless General LeMay for his planning and implementation skills . . .

No political rants today – There is far too many websites out there where you can go to for that – Me? – I keep looking for different stuff – more – different stuff on the way . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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