Except for Height & Length . . .

Eric over at IV8888 (go check him out/videos for days!) does a nice review of the Arex Delta Gen 2 L – which except for size gives you a real good look at the Delta Gen 2 M – when I get the new back straps for mine, it may in fact replace the Delta Gen 1 as my go to choice for carrying a pistol that throws europellets – 9mm for you un-initiated folks – LOL!

Bruce – don’t you ever just shoot for grins and giggles? Either you’re helping someone with their “problem child” or trying to reduce split times and increase accuracy – REALLY? – What about shooting for FUN!?

I freely admit I spend time attempting to improve my skill set, and for me it is fun. But I do occasionally shoot just for the fun of it – and today is one of those days – have some rat killing house and run around stuff to do today and the run around stuff ends with a range session.

And so it is a play day for me . . .

On the left is a Ruger Blackhawk in .357 Magnum and it came with the europellet cylinder as well – I added the Altamont grips – Neat ain’t it?

On the right is a Uberti Cattleman Birds head frame 3 1/2 inch barrel – “snubby” – Hey – the barrel is less than 4 inches so that makes it a snub nose in my book – LOL! . . .

The Ruger is a good looker – the grips make it even better – and of course when I carry it it just doesn’t get any better looking than that! – Heh Heh . . .

And the Uberti in 45 Colt/255 grain flat nose is a real thumper – and no I have not gotten so cowboy gun hardcore that I load black powder in the cartridges . . . yet . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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