9X18mm: Not Your Average 9mm – From the Blog at Global Ordinance

From the blog post – “If you hear the words “9x18mm” and immediately assume the speaker misspoke and meant 9x19mm Parabellum, you’re probably wrong. The 9x18mm is not only an actual cartridge, it’s one that’s seen a not-insignificant amount of use. Have you heard of the Makarov? Then you know one of the most popular platforms chambered in 9x18mm, which has an actual C.I.P. designation of 9x18mm Makarov.”

Click anywhere on the teaser above to open the page at Global Ordinance . . .

9X18mm is an interesting cartridge to shoot, it’s almost like a +P .380 – it’s got just a little more going for it than the .380.

The post talks about “modern” guns – as in current production pistols – not really being made for it. That is true – however . . .

Lone wolf distributing has 3 conversion barrels for the 9X18mm cartridge – click on the text to check them out – a standard Glock 42 barrel – a threaded Glock 42 barrel – and even a conversion barrel for your Ruger LCP . . .

I have been threatening like forever to pick up a conversion barrel for my Glock 42 – simply so I can shoot 9X18mm side by side with the .380 in the same platform and see the difference – and can you just imagine telling someone you have the Russian Ruger LCP – “Why of course it’s a Russian Ruger – it’s chambered in 9X18 Makarov!” The look on their face would be worth the price of the barrel – just saying . . .

Folks – your homework assignment for the weekend is to go have some fun – simply because by you having fun – you piss of a bunch of worthless fucks that simply can’t stand someone having a good time . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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