The S&W Pre-Victory and S&W Victory Models | Collector’s & History Corner

Talk about a deep dive – if all kinds of bits and kibble about war era S&W revolvers that the military used interests you at all – down the rabbit hole with you!

At 36:00 minutes in they shoot some of the old darlings – note the lack of recoil and muzzle flip with the .38 S&W and then they shoot .38 Special – and you can tell the difference . . .

I have an H&R 926 chambered in .38 S&W and it is a complete hoot to shoot – if the sun light is just right – you can watch the bullet heading for the target!

And if you want to lose yourself in a discussion on the H&R – click through to The Firearms Forum and dive right in . . .

And if you are looking for a new itch to scratch – head to Gunbroker and eye ball the H&R’s chambered in 38 SW – there are some good lookers listed . . .

Might just get the old beastie out and take it to the range for a fun time – and folks – obviously there is a serious side to firearms – DOH! – BUT – if you are not having fun doing things, then why are you doing those things?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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