Sarco, Inc. Mags Arrived in the Mail

Straight – or OEM style G.I. 7 round mags for 1911’s are just not easy to find – yes they are out there – but the prices tend to border on ridiculous – I had actually forgotten about Sarco – seen an ad somewhere for them, so I headed over to check them out – click to go to their home page!

Looked around on the site and found they had G.I. 7 rounders available – go ahead and click through – I’ll wait . . .

For $6.95 apiece – 3 of them with shipping showed up in my mail box – with shipping and tax for thirty bucks – I’m a happy camper . . .

They look very well made – good welds – good clean up on the welds – consistent blueing – springs feel good . . .

The main reason for the 7 rounders? The 8 round mags in the Colt M1991 and the Cimarron 1911 just don’t look “right” – the Colt more so than the Cimarron. So I loaded the mags up and will leave them be until Saturday/Sunday – then unearth the vault – dig both 1911’s out – and take them to the range – and burn through some .45 hardball to make a thorough function check and get some pictures with the 8 rounders as opposed to these in both guns.

To function check 3 mags through both pistols – Hmmmm? – I’ll probably have to burn through a 100 plus rounds of .45acp goodness – the sacrifices I make for you folks – LMAO!!

When I post the follow up on these I will get some good close up pics of the welds for you folks – may have to dig out my real camera to do it – but I think you will be impressed with the workmanship – especially at $6.95 a copy!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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