Sarco Mags Follow Up #2

I got some pics taken of the Colt and the Cimarron 1911’s – the first one is both with 8 round mags.

The Cimarron on top looks really strange with the lanyard loop and the extended mag – the Colt just flat does not look right . . .

This next picture with the 7 round mags – they both look like they should – no chunk of plastic hanging out the bottom . . .

My every day carry Rock Island Armory 1911 is shown below – it has the G10 grips and the G10 arched mainspring housing – when used together they form a decent mag well which extends slightly below the frame and you don’t get the chunk of plastic hanging out the bottom look on your 1911 . . . But . . .

With the grips extending below and the tritium night sights extending above the slide – you get a little bit of a “Wait a minute – that’s too tall” thing going on – but it sure enough shoots good and feels good!

And they really do give you a decent mag well to help in getting mags in quicker – I honestly don’t remember where I got them from – Amazon? Or Hogue? Complete brain fart – somewhere in a post way back when exists the origin of them . . .

Now I just need to get to the range and burn through a bunch of ammo to make sure the three mags function properly in both 1911’s – and I might even have a volunteer lined up to burn that 100 or so rounds of 230 grain goodness up!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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