PSYOP CONFIRMED: Joe Biden FAKED UFO Shoot-Down To Distract From Nuking Ohio | The Gov is Lying

At about 30:00 minutes in – the question is raised – 100 Billion plus for Ukranistan – but ZERO for these folks?? #1 reason – congress is NOT going to get 100’s of millions in cash kick backs – and #2 – these people are Trump supporters . . .

Get it through YOUR heads people – they want us dead. period. full stop.

Let me put this another way for you – a sub launched ballistic missile drops a can of sunshine on you – how would you know if that was launched from a Russian or U.S. submarine? You would rely on the media to “inform” you . . .

We are FUCKED – just saying . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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