Kershaw Appa – Amazon Only?

Picked this up from Amazonia at the $15.08 price point – I think RIGHT
NOW it’s at $18 something – and still a good deal – you can click here to go to the listing on – one of my favorite “window shopping” sites!

And Away We Go!!

This next pic? – what you got when you are not awake and in a hurry – oops . . .

Tags all the bases for what you would expect from a Kershaw SpeedSafe assisted opening knife – reversible pocket clip . . .

Frame cut outs not only look good but save weight – Reversible pocket clip? – Check – get your T6 bit out and move it to the other side – just as simple as that . . .

A 2.75 inch blade ( 7Cr or 8Cr – don’t remember which ) comes out of the box sharp AF! – good engagement on the liner lock – a little gimping on the top side base of the blade just fits up under you thumb like it was designed that way – LOL!

Really “grippy” texturing in the handles – lanyard hole – if that’s your flavor – I am thinking about taking the pocket clip off and dropping it into the bottom of my pocket for an every day carry use and abuse knife . . . Bruce – I’ve seen all the keys and crap in your knife pocket – drop a knife into there? – that alone constitutes abuse!! – Well there is that I suppose . . .

Really a neat deal at the price point – and at just under 2 ounces you don’t even notice it in your pocket – and folks – it really feels good in your hand – the box opening – string cutting – salami / cheese slicing every day “stuff” just works with this one – YOU have not ordered one yet because ? ?

What’s in YOUR pocket?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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