Quick Weekend Update

Start with a giggle we will . . .

Posting IS somewhat sketchy – Really Bruce?, It ain’t worth a shit at times! Well let me just say that yes I did retire – but I also have a FULL TIME “occupation” now . . .

Hi Everybody – I’m Curtis – and I am cute – and I know it!!

I have expert and eager help – for anything and everything I try to get done – BUNCH of stuff to get done – Bunch of posting stuff to get all y’all up to speed on – but important things to catch upon first – Nap Time!!

The phrase about letting sleeping dogs lie? I admit he is real good when he is sleeping – and this puppy does his fare share of it – Thank You Baby Jesus!! . . .

Got knife stuff to catch up to . . .

And I got the SCT frame “populated” AND got the slide from Palmetto State Armory – and still have not gotten to the range to run the 3 new 7 round 1911 mags yet – so there is plenty of “stuff” to do on this little corner of the internet – and as I can I will – but naps and play time do take priority . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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