Sarco Mags Update & the Frankengun Lives . . .

Finally got a few minutes to slip up to the range and try the Sarco 1911 7 round blue steel mags – they ran with ZERO issues – ran all 3 through the Colt M1991 and all 3 through the Cimarron nickel GI model – and it was good – if you want or need 7 rounder for your .45 acp 1911 these will work for you . . .

The big holes are obviously the 1911’s – the small holes are from the Frankengun . . .

They were out of G19 mags retail wise so I borrowed a “well used” G17 mag from the pile at the range – had quite a bit of play when inserted – ran 5 rounds and then it decided it wasn’t going to feed anymore – 1 shot – good extraction – mis-feed – crap – drop the mag clear the gun – try again – no joy – ordered 2 ETS G15 mags from GUNMAG WAREHOUSE – and when they get here I will see how they run in the Frankengun – so I will get everything cleaned up and do a 25 cent trigger job on my Frankengun and get ready for another run at it . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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