Monday in Review with Curtis . . .

A good breakfast is an important part of every day – daddy cooks me scrambled legs to go with my kibble – i told mom we should keep daddy and the stove around – well – at least the stove . . .

kibble and scrambled legs good – it’s what in my bowl – what did you have for breakfast? can i have some? i would be willing to taste test it for you – make sure it is OK to eat!

I know I can get my little tennis balls out of this thing – I just ain’t sure how . . .

try not to get too scared at this next one – but i had to tell the blue ball what i thinks about it!

Daddy wouldn’t help me re-arrange my bed – so I had to do it myself . . .

daddy – would you please take my sandal off your foot so I can chew on it?

here i am surveying my domain . . .

i am not sleeping – i just blinked both eyes at the same time – the sunshine is a trap!

and my doctor called – they had an open this afternoon so i got to go and give all the girls about a zillion kisses – sometimes life is good!

and Tuesday is is going to be another busy day – starting with my daily rearrangement of my bed – daddy made me hold still while he took this picture – said something about nobody would believe him or something . . .

i gotta go – i am real busy – trying to talk daddy into taking my sandals off so i can give them a proper chewing and most important – it’s nap time . . .

bye bye everybody and send food!

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