My week is good – How is yours? / Curtis checking in . . .

daddy took me outside after breakfast – but it was chilly . . .

come on dad – it’s cold out here – i done did my business – it’s cold! finally daddy got the hint and asked if i wanted to go inside – i mean daddy is neat and give great belly rubs – but there are times . . .

let’s go inside daddy!!

and mommy – every night she comes home and messes all my stuff up – then i have to take time out of naps and play to get everything right again!

and would daddy help? he keeps saying something about mommy only gonna whip one butt and that one ain’t gonna be his . . .

well – i got my bed close to where it should be – i’ll finish arranging stuff later – i gotta help daddy with important stuff . . .

daddy took all the stuff off this shelf where i was getting my crossword puzzle books and domino’s from and put one of my blankets on it for me!

the sunlight is a trap!!!!

after several naps and some kibble we went on a walk – i got tired of the leash tangling up so i chomped it with the jaws of death – no more leash – easy enough – i didn’t know daddy could run faster than me! – does anybody know what log chain and crock pot puppy stew is??

back from the walk – it was short – i guess daddy was tired from running with me – we played in my yard – and the sunshine was wonderful!

eat your hearts out girls . . .

and my work is never done – this is what rearranging i have got done so far – and then mommy will come home and mess it all up again!

you know – life is pretty tough sometimes – but with enough kibble – naps – and fresh fruit and veggies i think i might make it through the week!

bye bye everybody and send food!

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