A Few Randoms from the Soundtrack in MY Head . . .

It was quite a back and forth thing with ELO and Burt Sugarman the producer of Midnight Special to get them to appear – I saw this on the TV when the show aired – what makes this special?

Jeff Lynne refused to “lip sync” the appearance – and Sugarman insisted the performance must be lip synced because TV and exact time slots etc. etc. ELO was like we do it live or we don’t do it. Period. They came up with an elapsed time they needed and ELO did the song live down to the second – THIS is the version that plays in my head – now it can play in yours . . .

daddy – what about my song?? mrbuesky?? cause if mrbuesky is out – the sun is shining and i love to sleep in the sunshine daddy . . .

And Curtis’s little ditty – and one that plays almost every day in my head – and is now stuck in your head . . .

Curtis loving his buddy Mr. Blue Sky . . .

I guess we should all be more like Curtis – hang with Mr. Blue Sky – chomp on squeaky toys – belly rubs – naps – kibble – we tend to make life a LOT more complicated than it needs to be – I think this little fella has got it figured out!

All Y’all have a good week out there . . .

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