Eat / Sleep / Play

Snacks are also important and should not be confused with treats – treats are primarily a training tool for positive reinforcement – snack are something to fit in between meals – a little bit of fruit or some vegetable – we have an Opinel peeler that also does “Julienne” strips – Amazon? – I think / Opinel store? – peel a cucumber and cut some strips – and Curtis just snarfs them up – I ain’t gonna tell him 90+ percent of his snacks are really good for him – that would take the “fun” away – LOL!

Sleep?? I am almost jealous of him – and I can sleep – anywhere – anytime – too many years of night shifts . . .

Play? – this little guy is an absolute play monster – be careful what you set down and where you set something down – EVERYTHING has “toy potential” . . .

Took a map out of a tube – stood the tube up in a corner – and . . .

Lowes has a line of toys this season called “Bark” – we got him the “Spiderman Dog Interactive” – took the tennis ball out and flung the flyer – OMG – he runs as fast as his little short legs will go and does the pounce on it thing as it hits the ground – runs back with it – plays tug of war with it – then does it again – 23 times in one session! – he took a good nap after that – LMAO!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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