Tips for Shooting a Snub Nose Revolver from Chris @ Lucky Gunner

Decent information and no hype presentation – from Lucky Gunner YouTube . . .

Depending on time constraints – I will try to do some snubby shooting this weekend – that being said I’m still dialing in my grip/sight picture thing with my optics on the semi-autos – need to burn anther 2 – 3 hundred rounds of europellets to get the whole thing burnt in to my head – and I’m also jonesing to shoot some cowboy guns – I will go ahead and start putting the post together but won’t get it finished until next weekend.

I have a sacrificial hoodie ( the zipper died ) and Cody has volunteered to pocket fire a snubby from inside the pocket – gonna film it and hopefully post that at the end of the snubby post – Oh Boy!

So let me stick this in your head – What do YOU consider a “snubby” – strictly a revolver with anything less than a 4″ – or 3″ – or 2″ barrel?? – or do YOU also consider a semi-auto with any thing less than a 4″ – or 3″ barrel as falling into the “snubby” class?

And yes the little Glock 42 will get fired from one pocket and an internal hammer S&W J Frame will get fired from the other pocket. Shouldn’t be to spectacular as this hoodie is actually rated “flame resistant” – whatever that means . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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