Brownells 19LS & 19LS Barrel – Have a Look!

No bang bang this weekend – still waiting on the rear sight – Yea I know – why didn’t I order the sights when I ordered the barrel that I forgot to order when I ordered the slide and parts kit for the slide – we’re not going there – OK?

The machining and finish on the slide is great – handling marks are compliments of yours truly – so basically you can have a Glock G17 upper on the smaller G19 lower – or on one of the many clone variants out here in the market . . .

I’m telling you folks – Brownells “stuff” is GOOD “stuff” – the 19LS on the left . . .

With the recoil springs out of the way you can see the the difference in the locking lugs on the bottom of the barrels – that’s the reason you just can’t put a G17 slide on a G19 frame. Brownells gives you a port in the dust cover extension to get your front sight mounting job done.

Just an incredible fit and finish – recoil spring out of the way . . .

And a view from the top side . . .

The SCT frame and the Brownells Long Slide – Brownells parts kits for the slide and lower – basically a Brownells pistol – and with Brownells life time forever guarantee – and the ergonomics with the longer slide and extra weight forward?

If this combination shoots as good as it feels – I may have a new “favorite” europellet thrower – just saying . . .

How many other pistols have you got with a forever guarantee?

SCT frame & G19 Long Slide

PSA Dagger compact frame & G19 Long Slide – feels real good . . .

PSA full size Dagger frame & G19 Long Slide

It ergonomically shames the Glock brand Glock G17. It really feels great – almost has a SAR B6P or a CZ75 feeling thing going on.

Chomping at the bit to get the rear sight in and get to the range – Oh Boy!

And below is the current configuration I am carrying – PSA Dagger compact frame – PSA Dagger RMR cut / rear sight forward slide – Holosun HE508T-GR – A combo that works real smooth together. The optic was a LOT easier to adapt to than I initially thought it would be – only took about 250 rounds or so to get in the “groove” with it . . .

Just curious – Whose your FAVORITE on line vendor – Brownells? – or PSA? – or someone else – or do you just like eye balling the daily deals at Gun.Deals?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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