CZ75 / PSA “Full Size” Comparison – Thank You Mr. Squeaky Duck!

In an earlier post I mentioned that the PSA full size frame had a CZ75 “feel” thing going on – so I thought I would put them together and compare the two of them visually for you folks . . .

Here they are back to back ( the money shot is at about 37 seconds in ) – I believe there was more than some casual design cues used from the CZ75 – but that’s just me – your thoughts?

The PSA laid over and offset on the CZ75 – the CZ75 carries the grip angle almost to the bottom – then tucks it – the PSA “breaks” the grip angle about 2/3’s of the way down – visually different but “feels” wise?? Pretty much the same . . .

Front of the grip? The PSA has a slightly more under cut trigger guard and except for the little finger bump the front of the grip(s) are pretty much the same . . .

A slightly more pronounced flair at the bottom of the PSA . . .

The CZ75 has the palm swell grips on it – not my particular cup of tea – but my Blushing Bride snatched this one up before I got a second rang trip with it and she likes the grips – so it retains the palm swell grips / LOL! – not the best angle on the pic – but there is not a lot of difference between them . . .

Height difference? Remember there is no rear sight on the Brownells slide yet – I might go ahead and try some different sights on the Brownells slide – there are many different sets available and this would give you folks a straight forward look at them.

Remember folks, I buy all of this “stuff” you see on this blog, so it’s not like I am going to “fudge” a review on something in the hopes of getting more free or vastly reduced in price stuff in exchange for a favorable review – if it’s decent stuff? – it’s decent stuff – it’s as simple as that. The competitive level in the market environment today is at such a level that there is less and less junk out there all the time. If you stay with a brand name product.


Me and Mr. Squeaky Duck wore him plumb out playing – he drug Mr. Squeaky Duck over to his bed and crashed – I slipped upstairs and grabbed these pics for you folks while Curtis was being a “Good Boy” – and he is always the bestest “Good Boy” when he’s asleep!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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