“Different” Message Formatting on HFGCS

Writing at 13:06 pm UTC April 03 – has anybody else noticed some really strange message formats over the past 36 hours or so <<<HERE IS A FREQ LISTING FOR YOU>>> – AND HERE <<<IS AN OVERVIEW OF THE RADIO NET >>> – I have been listening to the USAF High Frequency Global Communications System since about 1963 – set freqs you can monitor to check skip conditions – if you hear transmissions from a transmitter in a given part of the world you can expect to her short wave broadcasts from there as well.

And some of the phone patch stuff from years ago was pretty interesting – from the guy in the BUFF talking to an engineer at Boeing trying to keep the Buff continuing to defy gravity to where’s my gas station – you were liable to here anything on the phone patch stuff.

The EAM stuff is rigidly formatted for obvious reasons – but there has been some really strange stuff over the past 36 hours or so – different enough that my Blushing Bride actually noticed – she be like – what the Hell did I just hear? I usually have a radio on the USAF High Frequency Global Comm’s and another I’m listening to Short Wave – and folks some of the message formatting has been weird . . .

Oh well – Hopefully no one is planning to open any cans of sunshine – LOL!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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