The BMEWS Mission : The Men of TOR

“Here’s a now declassified look at the BMEWS [Ballistic Missile Early Warning System] radars that were in place in Alaska, Greenland, and the UK. Of interest to radio amateurs and others are the water cooled 9 foot tall tubes used in the transmitters, the miles of waveguides leading to the reflector antennae, and the immense size of the project.

The film [TF 5746] is just under 30 minutes in length and since it was a USAF training film, it is informative, but not so much entertaining. The film is on nitrocellulose based film stock and one can see the chemical degradation that has taken place over time. it makes it difficult to discern details now.

It was declassified under the aegis of the National Security Archive at George Washington University and all credits belong to them for this often forgotten piece of Cold War history.”

You need a scorecard just to keep up with the acronyms – dry but interesting . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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