Trump, Snakes and Pizza…

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Trump, Snakes and Pizza…

“Show me the man and I will find you the crime…” — Levrentiy Beria
I seriously did not wish to address this topic because the whole, sordid, shitty mess is so ridiculously fucktarded that it seemed a waste of my considerable intellect to even think about it.

Alas, Farce has become Reality.


As succinctly as I can put it, Alvin (Scum)Bragg’s case comes down to this:

Trump has been indicted for getting Michael Cohen and the National Enquirer to do for him, with regards to his bimbos, what the Federal Government did to the New York Post by paying Facebook and Twitter with regards to Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In addition to this flimsy array of accusations, it turns out that the statute of limitations on all of them (assuming it’s all true) ran out years ago, all were subject to a non-disclosure agreement that Stormy the Walking Spermbank violated, meaning 1) Trump cannot be tried for any of them, let alone in a Municipal Court, and 2) an NDA is as common in civil law as a lawyer with no scruples is, and the real miscreant here is Madame Sodomy.

Alvin Bragg is yet another example of why Affirmative Action doesn’t work…for anyone.


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