Sergeant Floyd / Sioux City

Running like a crazy person – a quick stop at the rest area south of Sioux City, Iowa – and grabbed these pics . . .

Been past here roughly 60 to 75 times – wouldn’t have stopped but Curtis deemed it essential – LMAO!

Sioux City is also home to the tow boat Sergeant Floyd – which had quite a career in 40 plus years of service – you can read about Sergeant Charles Floyd HERE and some stuff about the tow boat HERE and HERE – the issue with stopping is we are just getting started heading to points north and west – or – wanting to push south and get home.

If I can set stuff up right – I will try to get an opportunity to stop and go through the tow boat and get some pics posted for you folks. Don’t hold your collective breaths waiting for it however – 2 trips to Sioux Falls in 7 days – Hell I don’t want to drive down the street and go bum around in my local pawn shop right now – LOL!

The first trip involved some REALLY FINE eating . . .

If you ever get through the Sioux Falls area and don’t stop at Carnaval – shame on you – not a cheap date but the pic below? First run at the salad bar . . .

You can read a review written by someone NOT drooling all over their keyboard HERE

Anyway – gotta run – hope to get time to put a Friday Music post together today rather than when I crawl out of the coffin in the morning.

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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