Cold Steel Leatherneck Bowie – for those times you just can’t take an axe with you . . .

Caught this on sale at ( where else – LOL! ) Regular price $249 -it was for sale for $99 on Thursday – ordered Friday – it was here Sunday – YAY for Midway!

Fresh out of the bag – Love that new knife smell – and yes it’s a signature edition . . .

The stats on it :

Blade Length – 10 1/2 inches

Overall Length : 15 1/4 inches

Steel : German D2

Weight : 16.7 oz

Blade Thickness : 5 mm

Handle : 4 3/4 inches – Kray-Ex

Folk – the stats just don’t do it justice – this is an absolute beastie of a knife – good texturing on the handle – not as front heavy as I expected – has a real let’s go chop shit up feel to it – to say it’s over the top? – for most companies yes – for Cold Steel? It’s just about right . . .

The tape measure just doesn’t do it any justice – the pic below shows it next to a full size KA-BAR – and sharp AF right out of the box . . .

Comes with a Kydex sheath – And it gets the “Curtis Seal of Approval” – what more could you ask for???

Check that link to Midway USA every so often – the discounts WILL change from one day to the next – they will even change during the course of a day. Basically if you see something that is priced right for YOU- grab it!

( As I’m posting this the “regular” Leatherneck Bowie is discounted to $99 bucks . . . )

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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