Wind Cave National Park – 12 Miles North of Hot Springs, South Dakota

This was texted to me with the title – “We Chase the Aurora” – should it be titled “The Aurora is Chasing Us”??

The Feral Irishman and Big Country Ex Patriot both mentioned the Aurora ( and the comments are worth the trip ) in posts – and does it effect people in “different” ways? – No doubt in my mind – Folks, even the electro-magnetic spatter off of your TV can affect brain waves.

The majority of stuff that is oscillating inside your TV – does so for specific reasons – it all vibrates or oscillates within a given set of frequencies in order to take electron flow (remember the electrons are also vibrating) and and magically produce a moving picture with sound right there in front of you . . .

The first order sub-harmonics of of the majority of this magical “stuff” just happens to fall within the same radio frequency spectrum that your brain operates in – How Fucking Paranoid do you want to get here??

You can put it in their heads on a massive scale – via satellite – or inject via individual TV sets. Need a mass shooting or or three on a daily basis? – No Problem! – Need to burn large portions of cities? Especially when a given group(s) has/have been pre-programmed through the anti-American pro-commie satanical fucks masquerading as “teachers” that we the people have allowed to invade our society . . . Again, No Problem!

When you can input directly into the cognitive thought processes – well I think you get the idea . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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