The Hidden Truth About Gun Control

From the site Slow Facts :

“I’ve debated gun-control lawyers. They said guns aren’t the answer for personal safety. I’ve come to a single conclusion when I look at the people who want us disarmed. Their actions speak so loud that I can barely hear their words. Some of the strongest and most consistent practitioners of armed defense are the people who espouse gun-control for the rest of us. That is the hidden truth in the gun-control debate.

We could talk about California Senator Diane Feinstein who had a concealed carry permit and told the rest of us to turn in our guns. We could talk about the celebrities who show up to a gun-control march in a limousine and are escorted down the street by their security detail. I’d rather talk about the Godfather of Gun-Control. Let’s look at billionaire and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

From Slow Facts by Rob Morse <<<CLICK HERE TO GO THERE>>> – <<<CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE ARTICLE>>>

One thing I ALWAYS find pleasure in is the simple fact that those who wish to lord over us are scared to fucking death of us. They do everything their masters tells them to do to separate us – WE the People – into as many splintered groups as they can. Simply put – 100 million ( plus or minus ) American gun owners on the same page against 14 million men and women ( world wide ) capable of bearing arms against us – We the People – trade them one for one – We the People kill every man and woman serving the death cult’s mid-level management – YOU know – the folks that have been trying to enslave the entire planet ( and has been for 40 centuries or so ) – there are still 86 million American gun owners and nothing standing between the death cult members and us.

Are YOU starting to grasp why all this talk about going nuclear? The only way to stop us – WE The People – is to nuke the shit out of us . . .

A little factoid to chew on this weekend for YOU – One of the movers and shakers in the World Economic Forum – even as a youth member – Vladimir Putin – Wake The Fuck Up people!!

Just because YOUR paranoid doesn’t mean their NOT after YOU!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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