From Kent For Liberty – Statists’ imaginary friend

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Statists’ imaginary friend

For a lot of people, government is their imaginary friend. In more ways than one.

“The Government”, as many people seem to think of it, is imaginary. It is not something above and beyond the sick people who populate its buildings and agencies. It is no more powerful than the gang of people who work for it. It is not wise. It is not helpful. It is not one monumental block.
Also, it’s an imaginary friend because it is not your friend. If you act as though it is, you’re going to be taken advantage of and you will be hurt. It doesn’t care about you. It cares about its own power and position over you. The individuals who make up government are more concerned with keeping their paycheck coming than with doing the right thing. Keeping that paycheck coming means keeping government running, which means violating you in whatever way is necessary to that end. It means “nice” government employees will kill you to protect government.
Government is the imaginary friend it’s most harmful to believe in. It’s long past time to grow up and stop believing in it. You don’t need it like you may have when you were immature.

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The statists’ and their ilk DO NOT want to get along with you – they will have YOUR TOTAL OBEDIENCE and WORSHIP – Nothing Less – Total Subjugation to them – or YOUR DEATH – See how easy it is to understand what is happening?? Damn Bruce! – Hey – I calls it like I see’s it . . .

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Every Once in A While . . .

. . . you come across a YouTube video where it just “clicks” – the music and the video sequences really caught my eye on this one . . .

The F104 – the missile with a man in it – 1400 miles an hour – they could seriously scoot – short legs even with drop tanks – Kelly Johnson sacrificed just about everything for a performance envelope that is remarkable even by today’s standards . . .

Saw these folks do an air show at Offutt Air Force Base a long time ago now – quite a show . . .

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Guitars – and No Caddies

Had this post started for a while – finally got “Short Stack” over here the finish the post . . . Enjoy!!

Folks – Don’t get confused – the descriptions are UNDER the pics – Hell – I just thought I had a thing going with guns . . .

2020 PRS SE 35th anniversary edition Custom 24 Great playing guitar.


2019 Epiphone Limited Edition Black Back Les Paul Custom.


2019 Epiphone Limited Edition 1960s Tribute. Super slim 60s neck. Fast playing.


2020 Fender Mod shop. Mod shop guitars are pretty cool in the fact that you can design a custom strat without the Custom Shop price.


2020 Fender Mod – This was my first mod. I wanted a 60’s vibe with modern play-ability.I put a roasted maple neck for stability. I put 60’s pick ups for original sound. And added modern bridge and locking turners for tuning stability.


These are the grand dad guitars. A red Memphis strat knock off and blue Squier by Fender strat. Fun players. But for sure entry level guitars.


The Fender strat on the left is a 2001 Standard. Probably one of my favorite to play. The Fender on the right is a 2018 Standard. I put a Bacitz bridge on and decked it to the body. I added fender locking turners. And will soon change out the pick ups for something, not sure yet. This a great feeling strat. I like the way the neck feels. It is a great C shape.


At a later date I will add descriptions to the rest of the guitars in the family pic. Until then, Run the gun and Rock the guitar. Stay Frosty!!

And a couple of guitar vids for All Y’all

And just one more . . . .

I hope Van Morrison don’t take this personally – well actually I don’t give a fuck if he does – but this is the best version of “Wild Night” out there – Period. Full Stop.

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Friday Music – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Friends / Will The Circle Be Unbroken

From Austin City Limits . . .

Don’t know about you folks but . . . I can’t hardly listen to the “Dirt Band” without this . . .

From 1977 – also Austin City Limits . . .

And I feel the same about Michael Martin Murphy – not from Austin City Limits but with The Rio Grande Band . . . from 1986 – recorded in Nashville . . .

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