In a Pickle? This Will Help!

From the web site :

This award-winning visual tour of Mt. Olive Pickle Company gives you a close-up view of the pickle manufacturing process from farm to finished product. This company makes the best-selling brand of pickles in the country.

You’ll also learn about the history of this endearing company, its employees, and its role in the community. This video is fast-paced, informative, and fun! You will never look at a jar of pickles the same way again!

Drove past the plant several times in a past lifetime – never had the opportunity to stop – kinda like the USS Alabama – fixed that be going to Dauphin Island for vacation – may have to vacation in North Carolina!

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Acta Non Verba at Shot Show

I am lusting after the downsize dagger shown here – thought hard about the big one – but – what the Hell I would ever do with it?? But the down sized one they are thinking about? I’m all in – and besides my Z400 needs company – it gets lonely being the only ANV I have – LOL!

What’s in your pocket?

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What guns do you REALLY carry ? …. Be HONEST… Pondering Cannons to Compacts

Decent little video – but – the volume level is VERY LOWturn the volume way up – he gives you a pretty good take on the subject – Me? I will dress around the gun more often than not, so carrying full size doesn’t even slow me down. The weight factor on my hip as I age? – THAT is starting to affect what I carry – That being said – I find myself carrying the Arex Delta Gen 1 most of the time – along with two S&W 642’s – Your actual mileage may vary . . .

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All Y’all better Straighten Up Out There – In Fact – YOU Better Tighten Up!

This is as bed as the “LA Speed Check” SR-71 story – every time I run across it I MUST listen to it – So now I’m gonna stick it in YOUR head! – Enjoy

( Does anybody else remember this playing on the radio? )

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Friday Music – Car Radio’s Used to Work Great!

Found this on the web – Any of you folks remember driving along at night listening to your AM car radio and hearing some really good stations? KAAY / Little Rock – KOMA / Oklahoma City – KLEO / Wichita – KOA / Denver – WSM / Nashville – any of these ring a bell?? And of course WLS / Chicago – Well we are gong to take a trip back through WLS RADIO 89’s HIT PARADE for the week of June 9th, 1969. The neatest part?? – All the “Top 5” or “Top 10” or the “weekly” survey lists were call in request driven – That’s right folks – radio stations used to have request lines and you could call in and make requests – and – real people – usually the DJ – answered the phone and took your request – Life Was Good . . .

And in no particular order – Enjoy!

And I will end this Friday Music with a good-bye from Mary Hopkin . . .

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Now That Is Quite a Trigger Pull : The Firing Mechanism for the 16in Guns

The first thing I thought was – What’s the pull weight on those triggers? – then I thought a flinch wouldn’t matter now – would it? – LOL! – When the “trigger system” was combined with radar that could accurately tell you where the shells were splashing down as well as give you accurate target acquisition – Oh My . . .

The Iowa class could drop nine 16 inch shells in a 90 foot circle every 30 seconds at 20 plus miles – there just ain’t a lot of room to hide a ship in a 90 foot circle – day time? night time? sea state? NO difference. The biggest change was all of a sudden the Japanese navy were no longer the sole proprietors of the night surface action . . .

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