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Went to a Lodge meeting in Arkansas where the Lodge room itself was heated by a potbelly in each corner – Good Stuff!!

Just making sure you are paying attention!!

Well . . . You know what this means – we’ve come to the end ( or it may in fact be a beginning – just saying! ) of another bunch of random stuff . . .

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Some 1911 Fun

Had some time available . . .


10 yards and 2 mags – 16 rounds at about 1 round every 1 1/2 seconds – starting to get there with the 1911 pattern


Slow fire @ 17 yards – 5 round groups – top one not bad for me – settled down a little better on the bottom one – and most of you realize “aimed” shooting with a handgun is not my normal usage – normal for me is – target picture – bring the gun up and put the sight picture “on” the target picture and pull the trigger – all in one motion – this aiming “stuff” takes way too much time ( 1 or 1 1/2 seconds are an eternity when the feces impact the air moving device !! ) and will get you injured or dead – Practice ( yes I know – that damned P word again!! ) to the point where you can put multiple shot strings ( 3 to 5 rounds ) in a 4 to 6 inch circle in a TOTAL of 1 to 1 1/2 seconds – from low ready and GO – to the end of the shot string.

And if you desire to build on an existing skill set or start from the beginning there is no better place than with those at Inner10!!

Have Fun – Run the Gun – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

Fun Facts about the AR15

I finally found this again – so I do in fact know where this version came from – The Tactical Professor !! Please take time to go check out the site – some pretty good stuff over there . . . Warning – try not to spit coffee – pop – etc. all over the keyboard while reading some of these “fun facts” – they are that funny!!

I don’t even know where this list came from but it contains some important, yet little known, information that people need to be aware of about the AR-15.

  • The inventor of the AR-15 was Satan, though his patent has since expired.
  • Scientists have confirmed the deadly effects of an AR-15 by giving it to a chimpanzee who then murdered them.
  • Scientists agree that each year the AR-15 will grow more deadly until it kills everyone in the entire world.
  • Some believe that both Hitler and Stalin were, in fact, AR-15s in rubber masks.
  • In the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve access to every firearm out there except for the AR-15 which he told them not to touch because it was too evil. But then the NRA, in the guise of a serpent, told Eve that the AR-15 is really fun to shoot. So then Eve took the AR-15 and started shooting all the animals in the garden because she is one awesome chick.
  • The part that makes the AR-15 so extra deadly is the handle on top. The AR-15 would be used in less murders if it were more inconvenient to carry.
  • It was an AR-15 that told Miley Cyrus to dance like that.
  • Bullets that are normally harmless will kill instantly when fired out of the AR-15.
  • The reason AR-15s have that prominent handle on them is because the most requested feature for an assault rifle was to be able to carry it like a Hello Kitty lunch box.
  • If you find yourself surrounded by AR-15s, know that they will fire automatically if they sense fear.
  • The AR-15 is easily concealable and can fit inside a matchbox.
  • The AR-15 is the leading cause of global warming from how its bullets shoot holes in the ozone.
  • A very small percentage of gun deaths are attributed to the AR-15 because it is very good at disguising itself as other guns to frame them.
  • What are the differences between an M16 and an AR-15? Scientists agree that it is something.
  • The AR-15 can be rendered harmless by giving it only a 10 round magazine as people always miss with the first ten rounds and an AR-15 takes an hour and a half to reload.
  • The AR-15 can shoot through schools.
  • In a battle between Aquaman and an AR-15, Aquaman would break down and buy it so people might think he’s more manly.
  • There were no shooting deaths until the invention of an AR-15. No one even considered using a gun to shoot another human being until someone saw an AR-15 and said, “I bet I could use this to kill a lot of people.”
  • There was an assault musket similar to the AR-15 used by the world’s most evil pirates, but it was pronounced “Arrr-15.”
  • The Assault Weapon ban was needed because it is well known that an AR-15 with both a pistol grip and a flash suppressor would be unstoppable by any modern military.
  • In Europe there is no such thing as an AR-15 and thus also no such thing as murders. Instead of being violent, people there just drink wine and smoke cigarettes all day.
  • If you are shot by an AR-15, you become one and kill others.
  • The AR-15 is responsible for 95% of all deaths each year. The rest of the deaths are from obesity and drone strikes.
  • Both of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, Fat Man and Little Boy, are jealous of the destructive power of the AR-15.
  • Abraham Lincoln said the AR-15 is the finest battle implement ever devised.
  • Viagra is made from ground AR-15 parts.
  • The AR-15 is as heavy as 10 boxes that you carry.
  • Some AR-15s shoot a .50 caliber bullet “that don’t belong in our streets.” These are known as AR-50s.

Just a reminder – If you are not practicing, your skill set is deteriorating !! PRACTICE !!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! and Remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

Big,Little, or in the Middle (let’s start a caliber war!) Part One

As the title says – Big, Little, or in the Middle – or let’s start a Caliber War!! – let’s talk a look at .22 rim fire – .25 acp – .32 acp – .32 naa – .38 spl – and 9 mm – and more!! A note before we get started – we are looking from the platform size of a “mouse” gun or “pocket” gun size – think concealment in a pair of shorts – t shirt – flip-flops – 95 degrees – Hell’s Bells – in the winter I have carried two full size Glock brand Glocks ( model 21 -.45 acp ) and a Snub Nose .38 Special in my pocket !! – and no one the wiser -Think itty bitty here folks!

22 Rimfire – the only issue I have with .22 is ignition reliability – the way they are produced there is a chance that the primer compound won’t be equally distributed through the rim of the cartridge. No primer compound under the firing pin strike – no bang – no bang = bad! North American Arms produces a line of “mini” revolvers that are almost works of art. Very high quality – reliable – concealable in a pocket – but – you are still stuck with .22 rim fire reliability issues. Not a lot of sight radius – and you lose quite a bit of velocity with such a short barrel – but it does beat the hell out a sharp stick!

22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire – a longer case – a little more powder and velocity over 22 Long Rifle – the performance difference really shines in a rifle – in a micro pistol – not so much . . .

Image from Davidson’s Gallery of guns

25 acp – anemic performance – on par with .22 ( .22 fired out of a short barrel ) – but ignition reliability is as good as any other center fire cartridge. The big thing is the lack of decent pistols. I don’t know a lot of people that would find a decent Baby Browning – spend 4 to 6 hundred or more on it – then carry it. Decent ones are collectible and if not used/abused will increase in value. Astra pistols are out there , but are not really inexpensive anymore – and are starting to become collectible in their own right. The other thing is the technological advancements companies like Hornady and others have applied to other calibers – .25 has kinda sorta fallen by the wayside.

You have Phoenix Arms offerings out there around the $100 price point . . .

Phoenix TechnologyHP25A

Check out Doug’s listings on Gunbroker – he has two .25 acp pistols currently listed – a Colt Junior for $695

Colt Junior 25 ACP In Box-img-5

And an FN Baby Browning for $795 – decent price points for either pistol – Are you out of your mind Bruce??? 7 to 8 hundred bucks?? You. are. nuts. – Well . . . no not really – both are incredibly well made – no longer produced – and here is the reason they are kinda pricey – they are sought after buy collectors!! And to put this in perspective – I am enamored with the FN – sweeeet little pistol . . . MUST RESIST – MUST RESIST – MUST. . .

FN Baby Browning 25 Auto Nickel Made in 1967-img-0

.32acp – a level of performance that is an improvement over the .25 – but still on the bottom of the performance scale most people look at for a self defense cartridge. KelTech does make a very concealable pistol chambered for .32 that is far better in your pocket than a larger pistol left in the car or at home. Beretta makes a real sweetheart and North American Arms has a real solid performer – and there are a lot more out there – especially in the used market.

32NAA – A collaboration between North American Arms and Corbon Ammunition – takes .32 caliber to a mind boggling level of performance – they took a .380 acp cartridge and bottle necked it down to .32 caliber. Some information HERE from WIKI . . .

Several manufacturers offered “conversion barrels” for their pistols – it never really caught on – ammo is still available and NAA is still making pistols chambered for the cartridge – I have a Guardian and it performs very well – a little pricey to shoot at about 90 cents a round but damn does it perform . . . another advantage is the shape of the cartridge makes a failure to feed almost unheard of . . .

Very easy to conceal in a pocket with a sleeve type holster . . .

.32 Rimmed cartridge – an interesting family – .32 S&W – .32 S&W Long – .32 H&R Magnum – .327 Federal Magnum . . . You can shoot any of these in a pistol chambered in .327 Federal – as the power level increases the cartridge length increases – so you can’t put a higher pressure round in a pistol not built for it – like what was done with the .38 Special and the .357 Magnum – as with anything else – nothing is free – .32 rimmed family is no different – every step up is an increase in muzzle blast/flash – recoil – good follow up shots etc. – the small pistols in this clambering are SMALL – look at the H&R Model 732 in the middle picture below – it is chambered in .32 S&W Long and is very comfortable to shoot and follow up shots are easy to put on target – I would hesitate to shoot .327 Federal out of something that size and weight – assuming it is safe to do so / no kaboom etc. – think that there might be a review coming up on that particular piece ???

.32 H&R Magnum from Charter Arms

H&R Model 732 chambered in .32 S&W Long

Ruger LCR chambered in .327 Federal

.380acp – with the modern advancements in bullet technology the “little” .380 has come of age so to speak. Coupled with a tremendous market demand for smaller more concealable pistols the firearms industry has truly stepped up with advancements in design and engineering that gives someone many excellent choices in a caliber that most everyone agrees is the minimum to consider for self defense use. I actually get a giggle out of the majority of “gun writers” – they proclaim that the advancements in bullet technology makes the .380 into damn near a death ray – but then they peddle the latest – greatest – fire breathing super double magnum – with a 43 round magazine – it’s almost like their revenue stream depends on their next proclamation . . . Oh wait a minute – it does – hmmm . . .

I am not going to list any .380’s here – there are simply to many to choose from – sizes range from itty bitty revolvers – yes Taurus makes a revolver chambered in .380 ( using moon clip to hold the rounds ) to tiny semi-automatics – and right on up in size to virtually full size pistols – but chambered in .380 not 9mm or .45 acp – let me drop a couple of pictures in here as well as a link to Gallery of Guns search page for .380 acp – they list MANY for sale – and that’s just Davidson’s – there are many other distributors out there – Go here for .380 listings on Gun Genie . . .

Itty Bitty KelTec P-3AT – it is small and a real bitch to shoot – recoil is abusive and the sights are – well they might as well not even be on the damn thing – I have one so that folks thinking about buying one can shoot it and holler “No way in Hell” when it goes bang – yeah I know – the things I do to entertain myself – Hell I even warn them multiple times before they shoot it! – Fun Stuff!!

Armscor/Rock Island Armory M1911-A1 GI Standard CS Baby ROCK – just slightly smaller than a commander sized 1911 – not a “mouse” gun by any stretch . . . I have shot several of these – soft shooters and 1911 style ergonomics – great little piece – but it sure don’t fit in any pocket I have . . .

We will look at .38 special and larger in Part 2 – and try to come to some kind of conclusion – or just argue incessantly about “it” for the next 6 months – LOL!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – stay tuned for part 2 AND Fish Heads are Cheap!!

Ya gotta love Random Stuff!

Don’t worry – it’s not the end yet – just making sure you are awake !

Hate it when that happens . . .


And . . . . one for you – you do realize we all know who you are – right Greg??

Would you??

Don’t know about anyone else but I’m ready to move!

Boeing won the contract and the BUFF went into production . . .

And we’ve come to the end of another bunch of stuff . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!