Smyth Busters: Dropping a 1911 Slide on an Empty Chamber

From Brownells – Good Stuff . . . The link well take you to their YouTube channel – If you want to check out Brownells web site – click here . . . I don’t drop the slide on 1911’s on an empty chamber – the mass of the cartridge ( especially with a 45Continue reading “Smyth Busters: Dropping a 1911 Slide on an Empty Chamber”

From Mike McDaniel @ Stately McDaniel Manor

Kamala Harris Top Ten As I’m sure you know by now, gentle readers, Kamala Harris has been picked by his handlers to be Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential (president in waiting) running mate.  As a public service, SMM presents the top ten reasons Harris was chosen: Continue reading → [ Just click on the continue readingContinue reading “From Mike McDaniel @ Stately McDaniel Manor”

Urban Carry G3 Holster Review – Thanks Kent . . .

I had thought about these on several occasions but never could talk myself into buying one – Kent said he was going to try it – and he would be willing to write a review that I could post – So here we are . . . and Kent – a Big Thank You forContinue reading “Urban Carry G3 Holster Review – Thanks Kent . . .”

Clouds of Summer Obscure the Coming Thunder of November

From the Tennessee Star: Apart from exposing once again the obtuseness, the moral bankruptcy, and the almost inexpressible hatred of the president that possesses the Democratic congressional leadership, Attorney General William Barr’s appearance at the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday clarified in a few minutes why the national interest requires the reelection of the administration.Continue reading “Clouds of Summer Obscure the Coming Thunder of November”