2 More Rough Ryder’s from Smoky Mountain . . .

These are two of the cutest knives I’ve ever had the pleasure of handling . . . The Baby Bee and the Bumblebee . . . In case you folks are thinking – Wait just a minute Bruce – didn’t you give those little one’s away at Christmas?? – Well yes I did and noContinue reading “2 More Rough Ryder’s from Smoky Mountain . . .”

Mac Coltellerie 2-Blade Electrician’s Lockback

Finally retired my Spyderco and replaced it with . . . ( and yes I will get a post up about the Spydreco Alcyone – not one negative thing to say about it! ) Imported from Maniago, Italy – THE place for Italian made knives -this electrician’s lockback is a little different take on whatContinue reading “Mac Coltellerie 2-Blade Electrician’s Lockback”

Cold Steel TI-LITE 6 INCH – The Ultimate Stiletto?

I’m not saying I have an obsession with stilettos or stiletto pattern knives – I think of it as more of as being in a complex relationship -LMAO! Some “stiletto” and “stiletto pattern” knives . . . If you are interested in the origins or history of the stiletto knife there is some good informationContinue reading “Cold Steel TI-LITE 6 INCH – The Ultimate Stiletto?”

Finally – Kissing Crane St. Patrick’s Day 2022 Commemorative

Fricken Frackin supply chain issues – but BUDK.COM got them in and got the little darling right out to me . . . And it’s sure pretty . . . Kissing Crane does a great job with their “special edition” knives and this one does not disappoint . . . Good fit and finish –Continue reading “Finally – Kissing Crane St. Patrick’s Day 2022 Commemorative”