Industry On Parade – From Aluminum to Batteries to Fishing

Went to several Masters Degrees in Alumina Lodge #574 before they moved from Bauxite, AR to Bryant, AR – the old building was quite the place – 2nd floor over the county historical society – been there just about forever – still had pot belly wood stoves in the corners of the lodge room .Continue reading “Industry On Parade – From Aluminum to Batteries to Fishing”

Industry On Parade – “Texas” Towers to Suspenders and More

The aquarium at Dauphin Island? The original part of the structure was built as part of the chain of radar stations – it would have been neat had it been preserved as a museum / historical site – but the aquarium / learning lab is way cool! Not quite as cool as the USS AlabamaContinue reading “Industry On Parade – “Texas” Towers to Suspenders and More”

“Overnight To Nassau” – 1940’s Pan Am Promo

Talk about a step back in time – I kept looking for Mr. Bond – Ian Fleming’s Bond – not the movies – and if you have never indulged yourself in the novels? – I highly recommend them – the theater of the mind stuff makes them a lot more interesting to me than theContinue reading ““Overnight To Nassau” – 1940’s Pan Am Promo”