Lock Up – “So Shall Ye Reap”

Decent enough series – Why THIS episode?? It was directed by none other than William Conrad! From the comments – “Yes, William Conrad directed this episode. Not only was he a prolific actor and announcer {he was still appearing as “Matt Dillon” on CBS Radio’s “GUNSMOKE” at the time, and narrating the “Rocky the FlyingContinue reading “Lock Up – “So Shall Ye Reap””

12 hours of “The Head at the Foot of The Bed”

Something for your Friday night . . . Johnny Carson was The Tonight Show was Johnny Carson – haven’t watched 2 hours total since he retired . . . Is it still on the air?? With the original commercials – priceless piece of Americana – Enjoy!! Those were Good Times . . . Next weekendContinue reading “12 hours of “The Head at the Foot of The Bed””

Something Different for you Folks . . .

From 1939-1944 fans tuned in to hear the adventures of the A1 Detective Agency. Jack Packard, Doc Long, and Reggie York found new adventures in every episode with their motto, “No job too tough, no adventure too baffling.” Feet up – relax – and enjoy the theater of YOUR mind . . . Have Fun!Continue reading “Something Different for you Folks . . .”