For Your Edification and Consideration #2 . . .

From HERE @ The Intrepid Reporter . . . “So, anyways, say you n’ yer boys are out hoppin’ and a’boppin’, scootin’, shootin’, an’ lootin’, and lo and behold!  What’s this? An abandoned HMMWV?Well sheeeee-it.  It’s here, but none of y’all ever been in the Arrrrr-me, so what to do, what to do?Tell ya what toContinue reading “For Your Edification and Consideration #2 . . .”

The Perfect Harris/Biden Inauguration Theme Song

I hope you folks appreciate the labor I put into some of this stuff for Y’all – I included lyrics for those of you that don’t have the time or inclination to pick them out – The song pretty much sums it up – Don’t YOU think?? And for goodness sake’s be careful about lettingContinue reading “The Perfect Harris/Biden Inauguration Theme Song”

Watch it ALL before it is taken down by the censors.

A hat tip to The Feral Irishman . . . Spread it far and wide – down load it – before it disappears . . . Oh My . . . Folks – it’s been documented on Dominion machines – 100 Trump votes in – 100 Xiden votes in = 87 votes for Trump –Continue reading “Watch it ALL before it is taken down by the censors.”

Sweet Little Lies as opposed to Not So Sweet Big Lies

Your blood suddenly stops clotting! That IS one of the known issues with the poison er . . . vaccine Dr. Gates wants everyone on the planet to be infected injected with . . . And folks you can trust me on this because I have the exact same medical degree as the esteemed Dr.Continue reading “Sweet Little Lies as opposed to Not So Sweet Big Lies”