A Triple Play from Jack Webb – Say What??

Jack Webb was quite a jazz aficionado – he had a collection of over 6000 jazz albums when he died – and he released the album “Just The Tracks, Ma’am” in 1958 (?) – This is totally different – Enjoy! Dug deep but could not find the album . . . And a bonus forContinue reading “A Triple Play from Jack Webb – Say What??”

Art Bell MITD – Open Lines – Inhuman Encounter Line

All of this smoke and mirrors bullshit that you are being programmed with starts to make sense if you come to the realization that YOU are involved in inhuman encounters every time you turn YOUR television on . . . Enjoy! Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember Fish Heads are Cheap!!

If you don’t go and watch anything else this year . . .

I have been telling people this same line for about 18 months now – guess I need to get a bow tie to wear . . . This is just a link to Rumble ’cause it IS NOT allowed on “the tube” – Gee – I wonder why?? From Rumble . . . “A visionaryContinue reading “If you don’t go and watch anything else this year . . .”

Max Headroom 1987 Broadcast Signal Intrusion Incident

Bet this faded into the back of your mind – it really doesn’t take a lot of equipment OR expertise to do this . . . And here is a couple of real good video’s on the “Max” phenomena and how it impacts TV “programming” . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! –Continue reading “Max Headroom 1987 Broadcast Signal Intrusion Incident”

Big Country Ex Patriot has a POINT!

My Blushing Bride told me not long ago – “I always just poo pooed your crazy conspiracy trash you are always babbling about – but damn if we ain’t living it ( them ) right now today – even all that UFO stuff is NOW in the mainstream media! “ Folks – these Golems andContinue reading “Big Country Ex Patriot has a POINT!”

Ross Coulthart on UFOs, Wilson Memo, SAFIRE Project, and Human Abductions

Stuff I run across – I recognized the name Ross Coulthart so I skimmed through this – I’m just putting this out here for you – believe it? / don’t believe it? – some of this stuff I don’t think I even want to know about it – anyway, take it at face value .Continue reading “Ross Coulthart on UFOs, Wilson Memo, SAFIRE Project, and Human Abductions”